Disimpilatore Standard - Small In the food industry unstackers represents an effective solution whenever you need to individually take containers of any shape and size from stacks.The types of machines we produce can be installed next to or over conveyor belts or any other equipment, featuring a dynamic or static laying down mode. Our machines are compact, easy to operate and require low maintenance, which makes them easy to be installed and add to any industrial line.
Since the stack holding magazine and the gripping arm are easy to remove, changing format is easy and quick. Therefore, we produce fully flexible machines that give customers the chance to expand production at any time. The shape of the machine has been designed so that operators can easily load the stacks of containers. All the components are made with suitable materials for sanitization and washing.
Upon request, the machine can be supplied with step-by-step or continuous motion conveyors belts. The use of cutting-edge electronic components give us the chance to integrate the electrical panel on the machine or set a remote control on an existent centralized control panel.The use of logical Siemens PLC, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Telemecanique and knowledge of PROFIBUS protocols, PROFINET, CAN-OPEN, ETHERNET, DEVICENET, allows us to insert ourselves in any business documents. We guarantee free remote assistance during the warranty period on the materials provided.