Tappatore Motorizzato a Due Vie TM80 - SmallIn the food industry lid applicators represent an effective solution whenever you need to cover containers of any shape and size.
Our machines are compact, easy to operate and require low maintenance, which makes them easy to be installed and add to any industrial line.
Our solution for the lid-placing are:

– Pneumatic lid-placers two way TP80 for 60 containers per minute
– Lid-Placers two way motor driven TM80 for 80 containers per minute
– Lid-Placers two way motor driven TM100 for 100 containers per minute

The easy disassembly of warehouse stacks of lids door and the clamp arm, carries a very short changeover time, giving the machine a total flexibility that allows the customer the expansion of production at any time.
The change in speed between the conveyor belts synchronize the containers with the capper arm, making the self-sustaining machine. With just one trading signal between the upstream and downstream machine, the integration is fully guaranteed.
The use of logical Siemens PLC, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Telemecanique and knowledge of PROFIBUS protocols, PROFINET, CAN-OPEN, ETHERNET, DEVICENET, allows us to insert ourselves in any business documents. We guarantee free remote assistance during the warranty period on the materials provided.