Testata Mobile ad Aghi - Small

In the food industry the use of the robots is constantly growing and it represents an effective solution when flexibility is the base of a system. With the extensive experience we have acquired building unstackers, we can offer this market heads that can be added to any robot brand. Hot/cold products can be handled by means of needles, suction cups or grippers. This picking-up type, which involves direct contact with the product, requires the use of non-toxic, washable and sanitisable materials in compliance with the standards in force.
We can design and build:

– Simple gripping heads
– Movable gripping heads
– Benches and Trolleys for format change
– Pneumatic flanges for quick coupling-release

We can put products directly into alveolar trays or cartons, varying the position while the robot moves.
The use of top-quality pneumatic and mechanical components guarantees users excellent reliability for the whole lifetime of the product.
All the types of heads for robots can be mounted onto our depanners.