Smodellatore con Nastri - Small

In the food industry depanners represent an efficient solution whenever you need to take your baked products from their baking trays.
Hot/cold products can be handled by means of needles, suction cups or grippers. This picking-up type, which involves direct contact with the product, requires the use of non-toxic, washable and sanitisable materials in compliance with the standards in force.
Since the product gripping unit is easy to remove, changing format is easy and quick. Therefore, machines are fully flexible, which gives customers the chance to expand production at any time.
The machine has motorised axis that allow the coupling in an electric cam of any type of device used as support, be it a continuos furnace or packing machine queue.
We can also integrate in smodellatore the transport trays and the unloading of shipping products, thus creating a small line of extraction and storage products.
Employing cutting-edge electronic components, we can integrate the electrical panel on the machine or remote the control of an existing centralized framework. The use of logical Siemens PLC, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Telemecanique and knowledge of PROFIBUS protocols, PROFINET, CAN-OPEN, ETHERNET, DEVICENET, allows us to insert ourselves in any business documents. We guarantee free remote assistance during the warranty period on the materials provided.