Isola di Riempimento - Linea di Riempimento per Pesatrice - Small

The use of multi-head weighing machines, to guarantee the right package weight, has already become a watchword in the food industry sector.
With the extensive experience we have acquired building unstackers, conveyor belts and lid-applicators, we can offer this market filling units that can be added to any weighing machine brand.
Since we build fully customised lines,we can solve any issues that may arise when a new system is being designed. By combining the different types of machines we pro- duce regularly, our lines guarantee high-speed, reliability, quick format changing process, easy cleaning and compliance with regulations.
With the use of phase modi ers directly interacting with the logic of the weighing machines, we can modify the number of unloading positions, providing higher speed and machine autonomy. The use of logical Siemens PLC, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Telemecanique and knowledge of PROFIBUS protocols, PROFINET, CAN-OPEN, ETHERNET, DEVICENET, allows us to insert ourselves in any business documents. We guarantee free remote assistance during the warranty period on the materials provided.