Confezionamento Panettoni e Pandori - Small

We have skilfully innovated in the eld of machines for packaging panettone and pandoro puddings when we launch our CPA600 model.
Conveying boxes into adjustable baskets is the main innovation that ensures shifting between two extremely different formats is made is just a few seconds.This system makes it unnecessary to replace baskets normally used in the machines made by competing companies.
The quick four-way unstacker gives the machine great loading autonomy and extreme versatility.
The machine can work with any kind of boxes for panettone and pandoro puddings-traditional or plain type.
The use of logical Siemens PLC, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Telemecanique and knowledge of PROFIBUS protocols, PROFINET, CAN-OPEN, ETHERNET, DEVICENET, allows us to insert ourselves in any business documents. We guarantee free remote assistance during the warranty period on the materials provided.